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Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Vision

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create a children’s ministry that kids would be irresistibly drawn to? Can a children’s ministry program really be the BEST hour of the week for both children and adult volunteers?

Spirit and Character – Helen Paris

Isn’t wonderful to see the sun at long last and especially for those who are on holiday with families – our family and grandchildren are at Ilfracombe camping – so if you have been camping with children, you do want fine weather. The sun and blue sky does lift your spirit and refresh your soul. […]

Living in the Present Moment – Helen Paris

As we continue to enjoy the marvellous sights that the creative power of nature produces, I am increasingly aware that it is for but a moment! I don’t know about you, but I want the power to encapsulate and hold onto a given magnificent sight to emotionally digest it – we were over whelmed by […]

An Attitude of Gratitude – Helen Paris

We say this every year that “spring is a beautiful season” – re-birthing in all aspects of nature and I believe it for ourselves too. The Holy Spirit is reinforcing the word “Awareness”. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness. To be aware and alert to the presence of God’s manifestation in nature, music, relationships, sunrises and sunsets and […]

Standing Firm – Helen Paris

The Lord seems to be directing me to come alongside certain friends who have shared different aspects of concern they have for their family members. The scripture He had impacted me with towards the end of last year I was able to appropriate:- “There we stand in our appointed Holy places and help families assigned […]

Guided By The Spirit – Helen Paris

Today in New Zealand is “Waitangi Day” which is a public holiday and signifies when the British Crown signed with the Maori chiefs, New Zealand’s forming document known as the Treaty of Waitangi back in 1840. Most years, it is marked with protests by the Maori people airing their grievances on land that was confiscated […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 11: Will the Holy Spirit Ever Leave Us?

Message by John Ortberg. God wants Christ followers to know that we belong to him every day of our existence. The Holy Spirit’s presence reminds us of that. Jesus withdrew and got alone with the Spirit in order to commune with God. We also need to do this, especially in the following occasions: when we’re […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 10: Illumination

Message by John Ortberg. To have the mind of Christ is a goal to which we must strive. However, there are aspects of this world that compete for that mind. That’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. We can allow the Spirit to act as a filter; to keep our mind on the things of […]

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